About Us

How we work

Heavenly Coils is an eminent young name in the world of hair extensions and has grown recognition to the dedication and support of our clients. We pride ourselves on providing customers superior quality virgin hair extensions.

We are devoted to offering the products and services at reasonable price range so that each customer has the best experience possible. Our team is enthusiastically involved in the process of selecting great products that perform exceptionally well and have won worldwide acclaims. Our team of experts has kept the process simple by prioritizing quality.

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Heavenly Coils makes quality hair extensions through a wide range of innovative techniques and methods that can meet all women needs and will accomplish their beauty goals. Our highly skilled and professional team offers the most advanced products for hair extensions, including those who seek longer comfortable hair, extra volume or a temporary new look, and those with hair damage and hair loss. At Heavenly Coils, our goal is to improve the hair extensions industry by appealing for stronger management across the board..

Our promise

• Superior quality products at an affordable price range
• Fast shipping guaranteed- no delay for buyer’s appointments
• Our products offer the right solution for each customer to meet their hair goals.
• The reservations could be used for those who want a specific hair color or texture so then I
can help them 1 on 1 in getting the product they may need. So maybe you can add that in.


Along with our passion, we are a preeminent hair extension provider in the world. We are passionate about what we do. Our business caters to women who love hair extensions for protective styling and want to grow hair naturally without using a lot of chemicals and dyes. .