All About The Owner

My name is Whitney Waters, I am a full-time college student trying to obtain my AA degree in Paralegal/Legal Assistant studies, I eventually plan to transfer to obtain my Bachelors in Criminal Justice, then off to Law school where I will face the bar exam. However, I am more than ready and I will succeed at any and everything I put my mind to. I have constantly been on a search for things that I might be interested in and I couldn’t figure it out for the longest. In the beginning I watched youtube so much I thought that I  wanted to do makeup. I have never been a girly-girl so trying to practice makeup was way too challenging. Then I thought maybe I can go to school for hair, but it just wasn’t my passion. I continued to search for things that make me happy other than Law and I realized I like to uplift women, help women feel beautiful, help women become the best version of themselves, and as an African American women in California, I knew the first step to feeling beautiful is to fix your hair. Extensions isn’t just because I don’t have long hair, its because I want to protect my long hair from dyes, heat, and other harmful chemicals. I want to see my hair grow just as long as the extensions I choose to wear. Finally I found another interest to be able to connect with other women just like me, to feel good in my skin and happy with the way I look. My hair means so much to me I just can’t take a good selfie if it isn’t done. The reason I started Heavenly Coils was because I wanted to be the reason someone else smiles, I want to know that I touched someone by doing something so simple as selling hair I also saw so much power in becoming my own BOSS.  But, the journey to becoming my own boss was far from easy. Let me tell you all about my experiences that led to me becoming an online hair company. I started off talking to my parents about how I needed something to do, I went on and on about how starting a business would help me, I talked about it so much I think I may have drove them crazy LOL! but my parents helped me form my ideas and they pushed me to go for whatever it is I wanted to do. Here I am presenting one of my biggest achievements yet to the world. I stayed on the phone contacting others, I contacted web designers, vendors, label creators, logo makers, you name it I probably did it. I am so proud to say that I did not GIVE UP. There were times when I thought maybe I am moving too fast ! but since I started this I’ve been feeling a sense of achievement to be able to call something yours to be your own BOSS, that really means a lot to me.  I have been working so hard my entire life and I finally can say and own the words I speak HARD WORK PAYS OFF. I am an honors student in college, and now a business owner ! I am constantly proving myself to be better each and everyday and I hope my story is helpful and inspiring to others who look to start something and achieve their goals. I don’t want to ramble on and on but I definitely wanted to give my customers, and supporters a little insight on who I am why I started this venture. This business is more than just making money my main goal is to make someone happy, and satisfied with themselves. Here I present to you a website with Bundles, Closures, Frontals, and more to come and all of it is of quality I won’t settle for anything LESS !


Thank you 🙂